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Online computer science masters degree programs

Masters in Computer Science Online Degree Programs

Online computer science masters degree programs
Online computer science masters degree programs, you can follow his career and his salary increases the number of specialized areas. These include computer network, systems and database administrators, programmers, software engineers, scientists and professors in computer science. Bureau of labor statistics estimated that the work in these areas will increase from 21 to 32% in 2018 and control of the country to facilitate a more desirable work.

Computer science masters degree from Stanford University

Stanford University offers a computer science masters degree (MSCS). 45 units, the requirements shall be met at Stanford. The Unit received a B.A. from Stanford or other units will be transferred to his school officials t are eligible. The University has 45 units, which describes in detail the specific requirements for the school's Web site. The thesis is not necessary to run the program. However, it is recommended that if you are going to Ph. d. or scientific research. Stanford would rather his master to meet with the candidates, advisers, and meets the requirements of the program, take the class, which is the level of the master appears.

Stanford University Contact Info:

Stanford University
450 Serra Mall
Stanford, CA 94305

Online Master of Computer Science degree from Colorado State University

Colorado State University provides the online Master of Computer Science degree, which requires that students complete 15 credits that apply 18 preparatory work of the College, as long as it can a (b) is or better. Additional requirements for the program include programming experience and understanding of data structures, computer architecture, a methodology for the development of software and operating system design concepts.

He must also have knowledge of mathematics, including calculus, linear algebra and statistics. Overall GPA must be 3.0 or higher and a 3.2 or later to a lectureship in mathematics and computers. Computer science courses are offered each semester, so that the student can use the discussion forum.

Colorado State University Contact Info:

Colorado State University
279 Computer Science Building
1100 Center Ave.
Fort Collins, CO 80523

Online Master of Computer Science degree from University of Illinois

University of Illinois offers online master's degree in computer science, for which 36 semester hours of course work. No thesis is required for this degree. The program follows the same curriculum, has the same requirements and the award of the diploma if a program on your campus. Online students have five years to complete the courses. Requirements include a degree of 9 to 12 credits of courses was expanded in software architecture and the theory of class B-or better-12 credits of advanced computer courses. Up to 12:0 with prior graduate courses you can transfer after the adoption of the University.

University of Illinois Online Contact Info:

University of Illinois Online
510 Devonshire Drive, Suite H
Champaign, IL 61820


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  2. Computer Science
    Computer is an electronics device that can accept data and instructions as input, process the data to given instructions and shows results as output. Computer also has ability to store data and instructions. The physical and tangible parts of the computer are called “Hardware”. “Software’s” are intangible parts of the computer system.

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    Online Masters Degree Programs

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