Monday, 25 July 2011

Masters (MCS) Computer Science salary

Masters Computer Science salary

The individuals who persevere through the program of Master of Computer Science, in general good, when they enter the labor market - even if the right career choice is not always present themselves immediately. Not long ago, a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, or if it is, sufficient work experience excellent software engineering degree coming out of school. In many cases, still is. But IT and software development has moved away from the PC application development and design. Many companies are hiring these professions are now tech-heavy industry or research companies have started advertising for candidates, the undergraduate degrees. Right now, in the first decade of the twenty-first century, is a good time to invest in a master's degree in computer science. It 'still a lot of throw-weight of industries that are hiring.

Software Engineer

People who work in this area that have a master's degree with a salary of $ 62,294 - $ 86,428. That makes the average salary of about $ 75,000. Chief Engineer Software Developer / has a salary range of $ 93 598 - $ 127 375, with an average salary of nearly $ 110,000.

Computer Systems Engineer

Data are available on this position, the opportunity for entry level systems engineer at higher levels. A newly hired to work as a systems engineer will be a big salary $ 50,131 - $ 76,662 with an average salary of $ 58 500. Senior Systems Engineer has a salary range of $ 71 445 - $ 101 272. The average salary for this position is $ 76,500.

Information Assurance

This profession has become a mandatory staff in most companies and individuals who have been trained in the field are paid well. An engineer information security has a salary range of $ 67 319 - $ 102 030. The average salary for the post is $ 84 500. Professionals who specialize in cyber security and working as consultants are well paid and in demand.

Systems Analyst

There are many career opportunities for this work, these are median figures for several of them. A business analyst in information technology serves an average of $ 62.706. A senior business analyst for computer hardware and software that serve an average salary of $ 80,493. A company, Senior Systems Analyst to earn $ 78.447. Senior programmer analyst, a position similar to a software engineer, earning $ 78,334.

Computer & Information Scientist

This is one of the positions that companies develop research programs are constantly filled with people who have a masters or doctorate in the field. The salary for this position is $ 74,799 - $ 118,636. A Masters degree is usually sufficient, but advanced mathematics and theory of computer science are important areas of experience. The average wage is $ 95 800.

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