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Average Computer Science Salary

The Average Computer Science Salary

The field of computer science is so vast and includes almost every race. One way to judge the salary offer is it to see what is available for holders of a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. This course provides theoretical and practical information on programming and networking and is a springboard for many careers needed in computer science.


Average Computer Science Salary
The type of job is the most important factor in determining wages in computer science. For example, software engineers make $ 55,997 to $ 76.697 per year from January 2011. Senior software engineers earn $ 77,709 to $ 103.229, managers of information technology is $ 55.372 to $ 99.818, and project managers of information technology is $ 72,634 to $ 99.202.


Those with more experience to learn more about computers and are able to do their jobs more efficiently. They become so valuable to their employers and receive higher compensation. For example, new computer workers earn on average $ 52,995 a year, but after four years of work, will receive $ 54,822. 5-9 years experience to 'make $ 72,878, and the years 10-19, will receive $ 89,946. Finally, 20 years or more, top out $ 101.250.


Type of employer can dictate wages with the foundations and trusts offer the highest pay on average $ 81 000 a year, after which the companies, who pay $ 73,796. They, the federal government makes $ 67.989, while the central and local governments to earn $ 63,202. Schools and school districts to pay $ 47,490, and the colleges and universities are offering $ 52,061. Self-employed workers to get $ 50,565, while the non-profit organizations will receive $ 58,621.


Certification can improve the compensation for the provision of documents and the information is up to the seller and / or industry standards. Project Management Professional credential for example, states that an employee may coordinate materials, personnel and budget to perform complex tasks. It costs on average $ 95,196 per year. Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer familiar with programming and protocols for the products produced by the computer behemoth, Microsoft. Competence will pay $ 72,210. Sun Certified Java Programmer to create a code that makes pages interactive. Credentials $ 80,836 barns.

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