Friday, 15 July 2011

Systems Engineer - Computer Networking

Systems Engineer

Systems Engineer designs and implements information systems, software and networks. This professional will ensure that computer systems can operate efficiently and safely support the organization of information technology needs.

Computer Networking

Computer networks are everywhere today. They began during military service in 1950 and moved to American universities in 1960. Large firms became more dependent in 1970. This led to the birth of the Internet and the widespread use of computers throughout the major industries that consume up to the present day.

Simple Network

Systems Engineer - Computer Networking
A network consists of two computers or devices connected by a cable or a wireless access point.


Local Area Network is a group of computers connected together within a corporate headquarters or office.


Wide Area Network is a group connected to the computers of many trips.


Hubs allow three or more computers connected together in one place economically.


Routers allow multiple computers in one location to connect to the Internet.

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