Friday, 15 July 2011

Software Architect - Job Responsibilities - Average Compensation

A software architect is a professional. It is responsible for dictating the design decisions for software developers, including but not limited to: platforms, coding and technical levels. Its objective is to obtain a complete understanding of customer needs and effectively communicate with the software development team.

Software Architect Job Responsibilities

Software Architect spearheads all of the software development activities of his employer or client. By controlling the development team, leads the entire life cycle of the process, the follow-up study, checking the codes, and monitor the testing. It may also be required to run training at various stages during development. In addition, you will ensure that all development practices with the respect of the employer with best practice. Monitoring and maintaining all records and meters, you will report to the project progress to senior management.

Software Architect Average Compensation

In 2009, the average software architect won $ 100 000 annually. It is a very good industry to be, as the U.S. Office of Labor Statistics expects employment in this sector increased by 38 percent until 2016. This rate is much higher than most other industries.

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