Sunday, 10 July 2011

Software Developer

What is software developer

A software developer is a person who provides experience at some point in the process of software development. This could be a project manager to orchestrate the entire project, a head of programming, user interface (UI) design, a developer of software necessary to write the application code or a test engineer to identify errors or problems with the product.

Developer is a person who applies for one or more aspects of the software development process, an area a little 'wider computer programming or expertise in project management.

Software Developer
The technical expertise of the developers is usually limited to a certain set of programming languages. For example, a software developer working on the Microsoft platform in general will be a technology expert. NET, including SQL Server and VB.Net and ASP.NET. This developer tend to have little or no knowledge of PHP and Apache, which usually run on the Linux operating system. Often, a software engineer with experience in setting up computer networks. The engineer can not write a single line of code, but simply the knowledge of the specific commands needed to create secure networks, scalable and efficient.

Developers also be specialized according to the nature of the applications they develop. For example, developers working in ERP and business is usually the experience in software development for some manufacturers, like IBM, Microsoft and Sun Microsystems. Alternatively, developers are working on automation systems such as smart cards embedded code has experience in working in a technology independent, such as C + +, which is usually referred to as "low-level programming."

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