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Computer science salary | careers in computer science salary

Computer science salaries

Many people come to understand that education is only part of the puzzle in determining the figures in computer science salary. Compliance with the prescription of time trying to do well in school, parents encourage young people with the hope of entering them in a college or university reputation. Qualification in hand, certainly spells a better future for the new post-graduate studies in computer science to start the yellow brick road.

Careers in Computer Science Salaries

Computer science salary, careers in computer science salary
A computer science degree opens doors in the computer field different. Software, hardware and network careers for all programs on your computer. IT elderly can develop ways to improve technology and increase the ability of computers to enhance and improve our lives. Degree in Computer Science requires a solid foundation in mathematics, and most careers require a minimum of a degree.

Database Administrators Salaries

The databases administrators to track changes in databases and to ensure that the databases of an organization are installed and working properly. It is a task for the administrator to ensure the security of information in a database. In 2009, there were 108,080 database administrators in the United States. Salaries average $ 40 780 to $ 114.200 with an average annual salary of $ 74,290. Most database administrators working data in computer systems design, where they averaged $ 81,250. The directors of the railway industry has the highest salaries, averaging 106,460 dollars a year. Salaries vary by the directors of the State of Maryland to get the most from an average of $ 84.300.

Computer and Information Systems Managers Salaries

Computer and information systems managers to implement and manage technology organizations. The definition of the objectives of the organization and implementation of technology to help achieve these goals are the most important leaders of systems. In 2009, the average annual salary systems manager was $ 120.640, even if wages were $ 69,900 and $ 143,590. The highest concentration of employees was found in the field of information systems planning of the annual average pay $ 130.000. The highest paid executives were in New Jersey, where an average of $ 139.880.

Computer Programmers Salaries

Computer Programmers to take the needs of organizations and customers, and to write programs to meet these needs. Programmers can also design and write code for websites. In 2009, 367 880 computer programmers in the United States, but wages were by no less than $ 40,640 and $ 113,380. The vast majority of programmers who work in the design of information systems, with an average of $ 76,110 per year. The highest paid programmers were producing computers and peripherals, the $ 106.170. Washington had the highest salary of any state with programmers, or an average of $ 90,820.

Computer Systems Analysts Salaries

Computer systems analysts to build computer systems of organizations by configuring the hardware and software necessary to achieve the objective of the company. We also adapt existing systems to accommodate the objectives of the organizations present and future. In 2009, 512,720 systems analysts working in the United States. Salaries range from $ 47 130 to $ 119 170 with an average annual salary of $ 80 430. Most analysts have worked in the field of computer systems design, on average $ 85 460 per year. Analysts working in the pharmaceutical industry have more than their counterparts in other industries of $ 97,940. Analysts working in Virginia averaged $ 92,300 per year, more than analysts in other states.

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